December 3, 2020

Your heat pump works nearly year-round to keep you comfortable, and the thing is that even the newest make or model will wear down with that level of use. While it may run adequately at the moment, there’s a good chance it could do even better with maintenance every year. Below are the things you can expect as a result of professional maintenance.

Fewer Health and Safety Threats

Dangerous things can happen when heat pumps are neglected for too long. Fires can erupt because of old wiring, refrigerant can leak and harm your health and the environment and clogged condensate drain lines can invite mold. This is where a tune-up comes in. Maintenance always consists of at least a system inspection followed by repairs. The technicians may recommend some repairs to be scheduled for a separate appointment.

Less Expense in the Long Run

Poorly maintained heat pumps can overheat, short-cycle, raise the humidity level in your home and fail altogether to reach the temperature you set. You’ll love how our maintenance technicians will also inspect for problems that have a more immediate bearing on energy efficiency like:

  • An uncalibrated thermostat
  • Dirt-covered coils
  • Worn belts and fans
  • Dirty filters and duct leaks

With continual maintenance, you’ll no doubt experience a decline in your monthly utility bill. Not only that, but your system also won’t break down as often and leave you in the cold (or sweltering heat).

A Valid Manufacturer’s Warranty

Lastly, we want to emphasize that most warranties won’t cover a repair unless a qualified technician maintains it. After all, the manufacturer can convincingly argue that a given repair could have been avoided with maintenance.

Family-Owned and -Operated Company

For heat pump maintenance conducted by licensed, bonded and insured technicians in Surprise, AZ, rely on Baker Heating & Cooling. Our team can maintain, repair and install both heating systems and ACs, including ductless mini-split systems. We also deal in programmable thermostats. For more details, contact us today.

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