November 15, 2022
High Pressure Switch in Surprise, AZ

Heat pumps can be a great option for heating and cooling your home. Each heat pump will have a high-pressure switch that trips whenever it senses that the pressure inside of your coils is too high. Knowing exactly why your pressure switch tripped and what needs to be done to fix it can help homeowners better understand their heat pumps.

Lack of Airflow

When there is airflow restriction at the indoor coils of your HVAC system, it could cause your high-pressure switch to flip. One of the most common reasons for a restriction in airflow at your coils is a dirty filter. Sometimes, running a filter with too high of a MERV rating can cause too much restriction in the natural flow of air inside your HVAC system. Additionally, any closed vents inside your home can restrict airflow.

Dirty Coil

Whenever the coil becomes dirty with stuck-on debris, that debris can restrict the transfer of heat. This can lead to your HVAC system overheating and flipping its high-pressure switch. Simply having the coil properly cleaned by an HVAC technician can solve this issue and keep your switch from flipping.

Slow Blower Speed

How quickly your system is able to blow air over the coil to transfer heat is going to have a large impact on the temperature of your indoor unit. Many times, manufacturers will set the blower motor to a low speed at the factory so that it meets certain SEER standards. However, the operation of your system may require a faster blower speed to keep your system at an adequate temperature. An HVAC professional can easily alter the blower speed to fix the overheating problem that flips your pressure switch.

Professional Heat Pump Service

Baker Heating & Cooling provides professional heat pump service for the entire Surprise, AZ community. We can also assist with all of your cooling, heating, and indoor air quality needs. Contact us today to get the professional assistance that you need.

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