May 22, 2023
AC Installation in Surprise, AZ

Basic troubleshooting can help you identify simple problems or know when to call a professional. If your AC isn’t working, a licensed technician can take a look at it, diagnose it properly and promptly, and recommend the appropriate next steps. Keep reading to learn three easy ways to troubleshoot your air conditioner without making problems worse.

1. Check for and Resolve Airflow Issues

Blocked airflow is responsible for a significant number of air conditioner problems. If your AC unit regularly overheats, freezes up, or runs nonstop without having a noticeable effect on your indoor temperature, check your air filter. Filters should be changed regularly to keep your air cleaner and your AC running efficiently.

Next, check your HVAC air vents, and double-check that you have left ample space around the outdoor AC condenser. You need to allow for two feet of clearance around it, removing twigs, leaves, grass clippings, and any other debris.

2. Reset the Circuit Breaker

If your air conditioner won’t turn on, try resetting it at the circuit breaker box. Several common reasons why air conditioners trip circuit breakers include:

  • Dirty HVAC air filters
  • Dirty condenser or evaporator coils
  • Shorts in AC fan motors
  • Compressor problems

If the underlying issue is your AC air filter, you can reset the circuit breaker after you’ve swapped this component out. However, if the breaker continues to flip, your should turn your AC off and schedule service.

3. Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Set Correctly

When your thermostat is set to “FAN,” only the air conditioner’s fan motor will engage. Your AC will blow lukewarm air throughout your home, but your indoor temperature won’t change. When you want your air conditioner to actually regulate your indoor temperature, your thermostat must be set to “AUTO”.

Most smart and programmable thermostats are powered by electricity. However, older, standard thermostats often need batteries. If you have an older thermostat and you haven’t changed its batteries in quite some time, this could be your issue.

There’s a big difference between troubleshooting and repairing your AC. For issues that can’t be resolved with these basic techniques, it’s best to contact a local HVAC company for professional diagnosis and lasting solutions. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Surprise, AZ and the surrounding areas. We also offer comprehensive HVAC services as well as preventative maintenance plans. If you need cooling system repairs, contact Baker Heating & Cooling now.

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