September 14, 2023
furnace installation in Surprise

A furnace is an essential appliance, particularly during the cold winter months. Recognizing early signs of failure is important to prevent uncomfortable days at home.

Here’s what you should look for to determine if your furnace is on the verge of breaking down.

Unusual Noises

Your furnace may begin to make strange noises like banging, rattling, or squealing. These noises might indicate a mechanical problem or even a failing component. Listening to your furnace and identifying any unfamiliar sounds can be key in catching issues early.

Rising Energy Bills

An unexpected increase in energy bills might signal that the furnace is not working efficiently. Older furnaces, in particular, may become less efficient over time, requiring more energy to produce the same amount of heat.

Inconsistent Heating

Experiencing cold spots in your home? If your furnace is not heating your home evenly, it may be a sign of an underlying issue. Inconsistent heating often means that the furnace is struggling to circulate warm air properly, which can be a red flag.

Frequent Repairs

If your furnace needs repairs more often than usual, it might be nearing the end of its lifespan. Frequent breakdowns and the need for continual fixes are signs that the overall system may be wearing down.

Age of the Furnace

Furnaces often last somewhere between 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is within this age range or older, it might be wise to have it inspected. The older the furnace, the more likely it is to have problems, even if there are no immediate signs of failure.

Strange Odors

Odd smells emanating from the furnace area can be a warning sign. A musty or burning smell might indicate issues with the wiring, gas leaks, or other serious problems. If you notice any unusual odors, it is advisable to contact a professional right away.

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