September 13, 2021
AC Filter Cleaning in Surprise, AZ

Filters keep the air cooling your home cleaner, so it’s important that we keep them free of buildup. Dirt and other particles that build up over time need to be cleaned out every once in a while, or you run the risk of blocking some of the air trying to flow through. To prevent this loss of efficiency, here are four steps that you can follow when cleaning your filter.

1. Remove and Inspect

First, make sure the system is off, and then, using a screwdriver, you will remove your filter from the unit. Now, you should check the filter and ensure that it has no rips or signs of damage. Even a clean filter is less useless if there are large holes that particles can escape through. After you’ve confirmed that your filter is in working condition, you’re ready to clean.

2. Vacuum Thoroughly

Next, vacuum your filter with a hose attachment. It’s essential to be thorough but not rough. Filters can be sensitive, and if you’re not careful, you could end up buying a new one. After you’ve cleaned it, inspect it one more time for damages and dark spots. These spots could indicate buildup or areas that are problematic.

3. Soak and Rinse

A tub filled with one part water and one part white vinegar will help clear the areas you couldn’t get with the vacuum. These areas are what would cause you to lose efficiency if they were not cleared.

Let the filter soak for around an hour, and, after that, lightly rinse it. Once you’ve inspected it one more tie, let it fully dry before putting it back into the unit. Making sure it’s dry will help prevent mold from growing on any wet surfaces.

4. Return the Filter

Now that your filter is all clean, you can return it to the unit. If you still notice buildup at this point, it’s a sign that you possibly have grime, and it’s time to replace the filter with a new one. Also, some filters last longer than others, so if you have one with a short use expectancy, now is the time to replace it.

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