August 16, 2022
AC Service in Surprise, AZ

Having your air conditioning unit serviced regularly helps keep it working efficiently and at peak performance. Your unit will be in better shape to keep your home comfortable. To avoid emergency air conditioning servicing, you should not neglect regular service even if your AC is functioning properly.

How Often Is Air Conditioning Service Needed?

You should normally get your air conditioner serviced twice a year, in the fall and the spring. Its cleanliness, the condition of its components, and the effectiveness of its operation will be checked when a technician comes out to your home. If you live in the Surprise, Arizona area, Baker Heating & Cooling can help you plan tune-ups for your air conditioner. If you don’t use your air conditioner often, an annual tune-up should be enough. However, if you feel your AC is constantly on throughout the summer, you’ll want two tune-ups per year.

What Does Air Conditioning Service Include?

Air conditioning service includes everything necessary to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and to ensure it is ready when you need it. Routine service includes filter changes and tune-ups. It can include lubrication of parts and cleaning out any clogs from the condensate drain. It can also include replacing any parts that may be on the verge of breaking down. Regular service is largely preventive maintenance.

What Are Some Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips?

Here are some basic forms of air conditioner maintenance that you should be able to do yourself.

  • Change the condenser filter
  • Keep the condenser area clean
  • Watch the vent covers for mold to remove it
  • Pour vinegar down the condensate drain to prevent clogging

Contact the Professionals

Regular service of your air conditioner is an important part of keeping it functioning properly. Baker Heating & Cooling provides service to customers in Surprise, AZ and the surrounding areas. We have skilled technicians who can provide all your AC repair needs. In addition, we offer heating and cooling repair, maintenance, and installation service as well as indoor air quality services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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