May 5, 2021
Energy Consumption in Surprise, Arizona

The rising summer temperatures mean your AC system will soon be in overdrive helping to keep your home comfortable. One concern that most people have is the amount of energy their AC is using. Naturally, this depends on a few factors.

Window Unit Versus Central Air System

Most new homes have a central air system built in. These systems can cool or heat the entire house and part of the initial construction. On average, these AC systems consume about 3500 Watts per hour during the summer seasons. However, it depends on the age of the system, and regular maintenance is needed to keep it running efficiently.

If you don’t live in a home with central air AC, you may opt to use window units. These units typically use between 450 and 1300 Watts per hour, depending on the size. These can be a perfectly sufficient means of cooling off a small space but are not ideal for an entire home.

SEER Rating Is Important

While the above gives a baseline for power usage, it doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s also essential to consider the SEER rating of your system. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, which refers to how much the AC system cools compared to the energy it consumes. The higher the number, the more it cools while using less energy.

With higher SEER-rated AC units, your system will consume less power while keeping your entire home cool and comfortable. A system with a 20 SEER rating using 3500 Watts per hour is more effective than a system rated 15 SEER.

Your Trusted AC Experts

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