March 9, 2021
Family Winter

The winter brings cold weather and a renewed reliance on a home’s furnace. Running a house’s heater indiscriminately could lead to high gas bills and unnecessary waste. Conserving heat during the winter might be a prudent plan, and here are some ideas on how to do so.

Tune-Up the Furnace

A tune-up could help a furnace run much more efficiently. When the system strains to heat an interior, the results may be less effective than expected. Also, the furnace may run much harder to generate more heat than necessary.

A tune-up could involve several essential steps, such as replacing a filter, cleaning the unit, and replacing worn parts. If too much time passes between service visits, performance may degrade.

Baker Heating & Cooling could assist homeowners interested in heating repair and maintenance. We serve Surprise, AZ, and surrounding areas.

Check the Ducts

The duct system serves as a portal between the furnace and the vents. If there are any holes in the ducts or seals, expect hot air to escape. Request an inspection of the ducts to check for imperfections periodically. If things aren’t right, then a fix becomes necessary.

Improve the Insulation

Poor insulation may lead to unfortunate waste of furnace-heated air. Damage or other problems with windows and doors lay lead to air leaving the house. Products available at home improvement stores could be enough to address poor insulation with windows and doors. In the most extreme cases, replacing the windows and doors may prove unavoidable.

Choose an Appropriate Temperature

Does the thermostat require a high setting to deliver the desired comfort level? Sometimes, people set the thermostat a small number of degrees beyond a decent level. Those extra degrees may waste heat and run up bills.

How about installing a smart thermostat? A smart thermostat allows homeowners to program settings to keep temperatures lower when they are not home, among other benefits. These programmable thermostats could cut waste immensely.

Heating and cooling work are among the services offered by Baker Heating & Cooling. Our EPA-certified business also provides maintenance plans. Ask a team member about scheduling a home visit today.

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