January 16, 2023
Heat Pumps in Surprise, AZ

At Baker Heating & Cooling in Surprise, AZ, we are often asked how customers can save money on their heating costs. If you have a central electric heater or several wall heaters, you can save on energy costs by installing a central heat pump. However, depending on your situation, an electrical heater could be the best option. Let’s explore these below.

Electrical Heaters

All standard electrical heaters use hot coils to create warmth. Then, the heat from the coils vents to open areas, which can be the whole house or selected areas. Typically, electric heaters have few moving parts, which means that there are fewer parts that will need to be repaired, saving you money. If there is an existing electrical heating system, it may be cheaper to replace or repair your electrical heater than replace it with a heat pump. A professional from Baker Heating & Cooling can advise you on your best option for saving money in this case.

Heat Pumps

In the simplest terms, a central heat pump draws heat from outside and moves it inside, and, in reverse, cools it, taking the heat out of indoor air and pushing it out. Effectively, heat pumps both heat and cool. While heat pumps can cut energy costs in half, the costs of a new installation may be prohibitive if you already have an existing system.

Heat Pumps vs. Electric Heaters: Key Factors to Consider

When choosing between heat pumps and electric heaters, you’ll want to keep the following important points in mind.

Heat Pumps:

  • One unit for heating and cooling
  • Higher upfront costs
  • Augmented with electric heat on coldest days
  • Higher maintenance costs

Electric Heaters:

  • Needs a separate AC unit
  • Lower upfront costs
  • Heats on the coldest days
  • Lower maintenance costs

Your Local HVAC Specialists

There is no clear-cut answer when choosing between HVAC improvements. At Baker Heating & Cooling, we believe in explaining and making the best recommendations for upfront costs, retrofits, and energy efficiency. Our most important service is assessing your home or business to improve efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

We provide Heating installations, repairs, and maintenance to homeowners and business owners. Additionally, we offer a range of indoor air quality solutions. Our team focuses on providing fast and friendly service in everything they do. Feel free to call us today with any questions and schedule an on-site assessment in the Surprise area.

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