Baker Heating & Cooling aim to become one of the best residential Air Conditioning and Heating companies in Surprise AZ and other communities along the Loop 303, to work for and do business with. We will hire the best people, continuously improve our process, and offer the best products. ​

By creating a rewarding and inspirational work environment, we hope to attract and retain the most talented and motivated employees, who will treat our customers with respect and act with integrity towards our customers and their employer. By learning from our mistakes and networking with people that are smarter and more successful than ourselves we will continue to implement new policies to make the company stronger and more stable.

Ken is an eagle scout and a college graduate and his Wife RaeAnn comes from a strong contractor family background, that has survived and succeeded through hard times. She understands scarcity and sacrifice but she has also seen abundance and success. Together we make a great team.

Core Values – TASKS

  • Integrity: Do what you say you will do.
  • Accountability: Did you do what you said you would do?
  • Satisfaction: Is everyone satisfied with the outcome?
About Baker Heating and Cooling in Surprise, AZ
“Most women want a man that is already established. A strong woman will be a part of his struggle, survive it and together build an empire” – Unknown

We sold our small midwest suburban home and moved west in 2001, to start a new life to escape the bitterly cold midwest winters. We made the move with just about nothing, but our 2 children and a dream, two days after our daughter was born.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

​Once in Arizona, Ken tried a few different paths to pay the bills and provide for his family. After some failures, Ken answered a small classified ad in the newspaper looking for HVAC salespeople – No experience needed. Ken found it easy to sell cold air in the desert and quickly rose to success as a highly compensated 100% commissioned employee.

After working for a few employers and taking some HVAC technical classes with the Arizona Heatpump Council, Ken set off on his own, with no business knowledge or experience, which in retrospect was a huge mistake, at the time, without acquiring the proper business knowledge first.

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure” – Mark Twain

Baker Heating and Cooling - CEO and Wife Baker Heating & Cooling was founded in 2011 and is currently a privately held independent Air Conditioning, Heating, and AC Repair Company in Surprise Arizona. Every year since 2011, Ken has improved upon his business and technical knowledge and procedures by learning and implementing as much, as he can, as fast as he can. If he couldn’t afford to hire someone to do a job for him he did it himself. When it made sense he would outsource tasks to others more proficient, at the task, than himself.

We are a small family-owned HVAC company and we currently service the entire Greater Surprise-Metropolitan area of 125,000+ people and are located along the Loop 303 and Waddell. Based upon the new knowledge that we have recently gained we will open new markets within the Greater Paradise Valley-Metropolitan area, in the near future, as our capacity and capabilities increase and improve.

We enjoy living in the Sonoran desert, the mountains and lakes are close and we enjoy RV camping, snowmobiling, ATV riding, snow skiing, and jet skiing. Ken has also just discovered RC airplanes and Stand Up Paddle Boarding. In addition to everything that Arizona has to offer, Southern California, Las Vegas, South-Western Colorado, Glamis Sand Dunes, South-Eastern Utah and Puerto Penasco are all just a short drive away and world travel is easily accessible via Phoenix Sky Harbor which is amongst the top 30th busiest airports in the world.

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