June 6, 2023
AC Installation in Surprise, AZ

Have you lived in your home for at least 20 years, and do you still have the same air conditioning unit? If so, it’s time for a new unit. Discover three of the many benefits of replacing your AC.

1. Enjoy Increased Energy Efficiency

As the years have gone by, the components of your air conditioner have suffered wear and tear. This means the system has to expend more energy to achieve its purpose of cooling your home. Replacing your air conditioner means you’ll have one with a design that incorporates new, energy-saving technology.

2. Take a Break from Getting Repair Work

If you have a 20-plus-year-old air conditioner, you’ve likely found that the repair work on it is becoming more frequent. This is another sign that its parts are wearing out due to its age. Patching up your old air conditioner can become a losing battle very quickly. Arranging for a new AC system means it will need very few repairs in the first few years, especially with regular maintenance.

3. Enjoy a Quieter AC Unit

Chances are, your 20-year-old air conditioner makes a lot of noise as it tries to cool the rooms in your home. Once again, this is due to the wear and tear on its components. Some parts may move out of place inside the unit, or a buildup of dust and dirt can lead to more noise during operation. New AC units with the latest technology are designed to operate with a low level of noise.

At Baker Heating & Cooling in Surprise, we provide homeowners with expert air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our well-trained, knowledgeable HVAC technicians are able to determine the type of AC system that would serve the cooling needs of your household. Or, if you need repair or maintenance work, our team stands ready to get the job done! We offer furnace installations, repairs, and maintenance as well. Call us at Baker Heating & Cooling today and let us know what we can do to make your home more comfortable!

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